Seminar on How to Build Successful Career in the Global Marketplace

Program Schedule:

Date:                        17th July, 2018, Time: 10.00am

Venue:                      Auditorium,  Main Campus, WUB


Chief Guest:             Professor Dr. Abdul Mannan Choudhury

        Vice Chancellor, World University of Bangladesh


Chairperson:             Professor Dr. M. Nurul Islam

                                    Pro-Vice Chancellor, World University of Bangladesh


Keynote Speakers:      Ayman Sadiq 

         Founder, 10 Minutes School


                                    Sohag Mia

          Founder, Sohag360-The Tech Doctor


Special Guests:            Morsheda Choudhury

                                    Treasurer, World University of Bangladesh  


                                     Professor Dr. Musfiq Mannan Choudhury

          Chief Advisor, World University of Bangladesh

Date of Publish:11/07/2018

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