‘COMPUTER’ is one of the major component of today’s industrial modern society. In the digital age a man who wants to be a complete man or surviving with the digital world, it is totally impossible without computer and its surrounding arena.

Considering the above situation, from the very beginning WUB had taken initiative for a modern Computer Lab with upgraded PCs and other components, where students are enjoying all kinds of facilities of their daily needs, and day by day the lab has been extended by different spear parts. After one decade’s it’s become a largest online resource centre in the country for its continuous outstanding performance in the different aspects such as large browsing space in every campus, student’s opportunity for preparing research proposal and report, multimedia classroom, Wi-Fi zone, software and programming zone, app’s zone, e-paper, news and bulletin, online workshop etc.

The club has its own membership structure which performing by an executive body with some specific terms and conditions. One of the pioneer work of the club is to arrange different national and international ICT festivals, workshops and seminars marching with Google Development Group, HP, Microsoft Corporation and so many enlightened companies with various events of competitions which are rewarded by prize money, crests and certifications.

The prime target of this club is to grow up leadership and develop personal skills of WUB’s students on software programming and applications, different operating systems and also to prepare WUB’s students for international contests. The major emphasis of the club is to getting opportunity for its members in the different international events. The club arranging tour programs in different places like as Sub – Marine Cable Landing Station, Satellite Earth Station etc. for its members in every year. So, every member of the club feels proud for its befitting and sustainable activities.