The term ‘Debate’ is a common matter in our everyday life. It considers only logical issues. We are always facing and creating some debates on different issues in our practical life. Any vital problem can solve from a logical debating platform. We are considering parliamentary debating about our national issues.

The main objective of the debating clubs of World University of Bangladesh is to promote conversational skill with disciplinary matter and grow up self confidence among the clubs members.

The club spreading culture and knowledge by encouraging and hunting positive variables through debating not only interdisciplinary aspects also taking part at international perspectives.

Interdisciplinary practice is common matter for WUB debating club. The motto and main emphasis of the club is to participate and getting opportunity of debaters at national and international competitions i. e. Asian British Parliamentary Debate, Worlds Universities debating Championship, United Asian Debating Championship etc.

So, for above reasons any regular student of WUB can join with the debating club and can enjoy with above facilities by following some specific terms and conditions.

If you think that you are a right person of debating, you are most welcome to WUB debating club and in this regards please contact with the registrar office for more details.