‘English’ is the international and common communicative language. English is essential in writing and speaking in all aspects of our life. It is needed in admission tests, as a medium of instruction, in facing competitive job markets, maintaining corporate jobs, and participating international such as university admission tests, medium of instruction, facing competitive job markets, maintaining corporate jobs and participate for international events.

The World University of Bangladesh (WUB) has taken initiative to develop English language club from the time of its inception by organizing structure. The aid of the English department has made it open for all students of the university. The fundamental aim of this club is to develop English language skills of WUB’s students and to prepare them for their professional life. In this context, the club, arranges different conversational sessions among the interdisciplinary departments, public speaking sessions, seminars, workshops, debating competition, and parliamentary debating having crests and certifications. These sessions are conducting faculty members of English department and preparing students for beating various national and international contests.

Beside this an English language certificate course of three months is mandatory for all fresh students before the starting of their 1st semester classes.