What is the WUB Photography Club All About?

WUB Photography Club was inaugurated in Januray 01, 2015. This Club was formed to cater to the desires of students who have discovered an interest in the photography and would like to have some fun while expanding their capabilities. The Club has active and lively members with a vast amount of expertise in all aspects of photography and it welcomes all levels of camera users. Existing members of the Club are photographers of variuos experiences. They use digital, film and slide, with cameras ranging from professional SLR to small compact. Many members are skilled users of Adobe software and can teach anyone how to tweak photos and boost creative skills to produce some of the best photography around. The Club has professional lighting and backdrops for potential portrait / fashion photographers. Some current members are experts in landscape, fashion, modeling and portrait photography, wildlife, still life and contemporary photography. The club members are assigned for capture all important events of the university and authorized to the media coverage by the concern of respective authority.

Why join the club?

Arrange, frame and compose their shots, work with light, reflectors and filters tweak their images and process / print them, mount and present their photographs professionally - ready for exhibition and competitions. All members have the use of Club’s calibrating equipment to calibrate monitors and printers to obtain the best results.

Role of Photography

Photography is an important matter. Day by day it has been very popular in our society. Now it is not limited in a particular section, it is spreading in a common people due to available of mobile set having with mega pixel camera. So, anyone can take snap at any time and can provide within a moment to friends and their families.

Photography gives us not only pleasure, it also represent different dimension of social structures, features, events, historical aspects and other important factors. Photography is an art. So, only one photograph can perform to make hero a person for its legendary perspective.

Now a days professional photographers playing is an important and outstanding role in our society. Their dedicative role and instant initiatives of their respective fields making pressure to the govt. and other responsible persons and organizations. So their activities are performing to develop our democracy and also whole nation.


The WUB Photography Club’s missions are:

  • To promote beneficial relationships among club members and to assist them in the conduct of their photographic activities
  • To provide instruction in the use of camera equipment and in photographic techniques
  • To disseminate new scientific and technical information in the field of photography.
  • To exchange new idea, technique and facilitation with each other about quality, insight and depth of photographs.
  • To prepare and provide some professionals from its own members with the time of their academic period.


Club’s main vision is to come with new ideas more frequently in the interest of photography that will help to enhance the number of new members. Another important vision is to increasee participation in the photographic events in the local arena as well as globaly.

Membership Information:

Membership in the WUB Photography Club is open to any students of the World University of Bangladesh who has an interest in photography and desires to improve their photographic skills and to enjoy some social interaction with other members. To be a member one does not need to have any special degree of skills, just a wish to learn about and understand the art of photography. No special equipment is needed either, as it does not matter what camera one has or even if you do have a camera at all. The art is in the person not the camera and what is needed is a desire and willingness to learn by participation and association with other likeminded colleagues. This can be both at the regular Club meetings as well as socially through one’s own interactions with fellow shutter bugs you get to know in the Club. Of course, (the Club being a part of non-profit organization), it is imperative that each member consider giving freely of their time to make the working and operation of the Club a success. In that purview, participation from all members is required, whether it be setting up our meeting venue for instruction, competition or social activities, or facilitating transportation to outings in the field. The management of the Club is undertaken by a board of five members, elected by the Authority of the World University of Bangladesh. As long as photography is member’s main thing, the Club would love to have them join at meetings, seminars and other events. It matters not that whether a member is a professional photographer, a novice behind the lens, and a student of any age, or just looking for something to take up some of his/her spare time. Be a member of this Club and enjoy some fun exploring the expansiveness of this growing hobby and pastime, while honing camera techniques. In this regards the students those who are interested to join the WUB photography club, please contact the Registrar office of World University of Bangladesh.

Club Photo Awards Competitions

The Club arranges varoius types (e.g. monthly, yearly) of photography awards competition. It also encourages its members to particiapte at other photo awards competitions, different seminars, workshops and exhibitions regularly on contemporary photography in the local (e.g. Inter-University Photography Competition) and the global arena.

Photograph Galleries

The Gallery includes Photographs taken by the Club members and other photographers who have participated in either the monthly or other noteworthy photographic events.

The Club Newsletter & Publications

Each month the Club publishes an electronic newsletter. This is available to all photographers if requested. The Club also maintains an electronic notice board notifying members of upcoming events, competitions and other matters of interest.

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