Rice is the main staple of Bangladeshi cuisine together with many vegetables and lentils. Rice preparations also confirmed by biryanis, pulaos, and khichuris. While, fish is the main source of protein in Bengali cuisine and hilsha fish is the national fish. Furthermore, other significant Bangladeshi fishes available all round the season such as rohu, butterfish, catfish, tilapia and barramundi. In addition, seafood holds a significant place in Bengali cuisine, especially lobsters, shrimps and dried fish. Meat consumption also important way of Bengali cuisine which includes chicken, beef, mutton, venison, duck and squab. Finally, Bangladesh also famous for various types of desserts such as Rôshogolla, Rôshomalai, Chomchom, Mishti Doiand Kalojaam. Pithas are traditional boiled desserts made with rice or fruits.