Performance Art

Theatre in Bangladesh has various forms, which include narrative, song and dance, supra-personae, performances with scroll paintings, puppet theatre and processional forms. The Jatra is the most popular approach of Bengali folk theatre. The dance traditions of Bangladesh have several forms such as indigenous tribal, Bengali dance and classical Indian dance. In addition, the music of Bangladesh categorized as Baul, Gombhira, Bhatiali and Bhawaiya. Folk music is accompanied with ektara (an instrument with only one string), and other instruments including the dotara, dhol, flute, and tabla. While, the Bengali classical music represented by Tagore songs and Nazrul geeti. Since, Bangladesh has a rich tradition on Indian classical music, which applied on various instruments such as sitar, tabla, sarod and santoor. Furthermore, Bangladesh has also strong heritage on ancient Indian art, such as painting, sculpture and architecture.