Further Information about Exchanges 

Where can I go?

International partners (Study Abroad exchanges): View Study Abroad partners Click here Please note that availability at our international partner universities varies each year. We cannot guarantee places at the destinations listed under your department.

How to Apply - timeline guide

1) Research & requirements

Check the 'where can I go?' section for destinations and the partner universities. Once you have a good idea of where you would like to go, look into the cost of living and any other expenses and work out a budget.

2) Nominations from WUB

Once you are confident that you would like to participate, please contact with the International Office. And if departmental head decides to nominate you, they will pass your information to the International Office. Decisions are made by the department; academic merit may be considered.

3) Allocations to students

After your nomination, if you are successful, we will contact you with an allocated place. You may then choose to accept or decline the place. It is important that you carefully consider your allocation, as we cannot guarantee another offer should you decide to decline the offer.

4) Pre-departure and applications

Once you accept your offer you will be contacted by the International Office to attend mandatory pre-departure sessions, and one-to-one guidance meetings. We will provide guidance on preparing and submitting applications, and can advise where you should seek advice for visas and other documents.

Following the advice of the partner university you may need to provide original copies of documents (sometimes, but not always including: transcripts, passport ID pages, medical histories, financial statements, etc.) to be submitted at the same time as your application before the partner university deadlines.

You will also be required to complete and submit a Travel Preparation Checklist prior to your departure.

5) Before you go

You will be expected to settle your own financial accounts, obtain the necessary visas, vaccinations and additional insurance, and other preparations as applicable. You must also agree with the World University of Bangladesh's terms and conditions. We advise students not to purchase flights until they have been accepted by the exchange university, and received their visa.

6) Enjoy your studies!

We hope that you will enjoy your time at overseas, should you require guidance or support at any point during your exchange programme please contact our office at support@wub.edu.bd

Outgoing Faculty & Staff Outgoing Mobility

The support of the international mobility of researchers and university teachers is an essential prerequisite both for their own academic careers and for the positioning of the World University of Bangladesh within the international higher education and research areas.

In addition to the mobility schemes and support provided by the University, there are international mobility programmes that are administered in cooperation with the World University of Bangladesh.

The international office provides support to researchers and university teachers who pursue a stay abroad for research or teaching purpose.

Incoming Faculty & Staff Incoming Mobility

There are multiple porgrammes for researchers and teachers from partner universities to teach or do research for a certain time at the World University of Bangladesh.