Center of Excellence 


The center of Excellence is a unique body of World University of Bangladesh. Because, this center organizes various events in order to hone student’s academic performances and skills. Furthermore, the major trainings are offering by this center such as Research Methodology, SPSS and Applied Demography. While, the Research Methodology course is designed to help those students who are planning to do P.h.D., M.Phil or Masters. The course is also useful in structuring and writing the survey reports. The training on Demography is expected to meet the requirements of those who have been serving in population and health wings of various government and non-government organizations. In addition, the SPSS course has been outline to enable the researchers and students at advance level to analyze data through the application of appropriate statistical techniques. Moreover, the courses are expected to enhance the skills and capabilities of the young researchers, teachers and administrators in their respective areas. The resource persons are coming from University of Dhaka, Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) and World University of Bangladesh (WUB) in order to exchange ideas, views, and opinions to the students. For instance the major facilities ensures by this wing are separate computer for each students, and certificate after completion the course. The center provide below outline of each programs which comprised with 20 lectures.


  • Research scope, goal, typology, problem identification, and area.
  • How to literature review, objective, research question, and hypothesis.
  • Research process
  • Methodology: research design, and sample design.
  • Sampling
  • Data collection tools and techniques
  • Data editing and coding
  • Reliability and validity in measurements
  • Data analysis: univariate, bivariate and multivariate
  • Application of statistical tools in research
  • Statistical hypothesis testing
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • EOI and research proposal
  • Report writing
  • Presentation of reports and papers

Course Fee: Please contact Center of Excellence, WUB Main Campus. M: 01752 102 855, 01955 384 008.


  • Sources, uses and importance of demographic data.
  • An overview of the Bangladesh demographics: past, present and future
  • Population growth, trend and projection
  • Rates and ratios in demography, epidemiology and health
  • Sources of errors in demographic data
  • Measures and assessment of demographic data
  • Measures of fertility, mortality, marriage and migration
  • Life table and its construction
  • Standardization of demographic rates
  • Morbidity and its measurement
  • Differentials of fertility and mortality
  • Population projection
  • Concept of stationery and stable population

Course Fee: Please contact Center of Excellence, WUB Main Campus. M: 01752 102 855, 01955 384 008.


  • Importance of SPSS in data analysis
  • Data manipulation: Insert variables, merge files, split file, select cases and weight cases
  • Data transformation: compute, recode, categorize variables, and replace missing values
  • Computation of descriptive statistics
  • Creating tables, graphs and diagrams
  • Correlation analysis: simple correlation, multiple and partial correlation
  • Regression analysis: simple regressiohn, multiple regression and logistic regression
  • Testing of hypothesis: Z-test, t-test, x2-test, and F-test
  • Analysis of Variance (ANOVA): CRD and RBD
  • Factor analysis and Discriminant analysis

Course Fee: Please contact Center of Excellence, WUB Main Campus. M: 01752 102 855, 01955 384 008.


Laboni Ferdous
Asst. Professor
World University of Bangladesh
M: 01817 570 637
Issa Ahammad
Asst. Professor
World University of Bangladesh
M: 01718 521 934
Permanent Campus of WUB
Plot – 5 – 8, Avenue 6 & Lake Drive Road,
Sector – 17/H, Uttara, Dhaka – 1230
M: 01752 102 855, 01955 384 008