Research Project List

Clickjacking detection using Machine learning and Data Mining

MD Nazmus Sakib (Department of Computer Science & Engineering)

Effects of private car in traffic jam of Dhaka city

Md. Tanvir Ahmed (Department of Civil Engineering)

Design, Testing and Analysis of an Enhanced Vertical Axis Wind Turbine for Low Wind Speed Application

Prof. Dr. Md. Mizanur Rahman (Department of Mechatronics Engineering)

Development of a surveillance robot

Mr. Enamul Hoq (Department of Mechatronics Engineering)

Development of a Solar based Cold Storage Incorporating Water Purifier

Rezwan us Saleheen (Department of Mechatronics Engineering)

Design and Development of a Prosthetic Hand

Farhan Mahbub (Department of Mechatronics Engineering)

Absurd Drama Against the Absurdity of Society

Faisal Ahmed (Department of English)

Computer Vision-based Woven Fabric Defect Detection System

Abu Salman Shaikat (Department of Mechatronics Engineering)

An IOT based Automated aquaculture fish farm monitoring and Controlling system

Rumana Tasnim (Department of Mechatronics Engineering)

Study on noise level generated from vehicles in Dhaka city

Rokhshana Parvin (Department of Civil Engineering)