Bioassay Guided Isolation of Anticancer and Hypoglycemic Compounds and In vitro-In vivo characterization of isolated compound from the Plants of the Family Melastomataceae and Lauraceae

Project ID: WUB/2022/P1/014

Project Duration: 2022 - 2023

Project Leader: Zubair Khalid Labu (Department of Pharmacy)

Project Members:

The incidence of diabetes and cancer are the most common problem of the people of Bangladesh and So it is emergency to discover new and novel drug molecules to manage these fatal problems. The plants belonging to the Melastomataceae and Lauraceae are reported to possess the antihyperglycemic and anticancer activity. In order to validate the folk use of the plants. It is essential to isolate of novel drug candidates. Probably plants of these two families can be a rich source of main bioactive compound that will ensure to find out expected pharmacological activities. After extensive literature review, finally we select a plant which belongs to Lauraceae family for further continuation of this research. The scientific name of the selected plant is Litsia Monopetala. More specifically we consider the leaves part of this plant for conducting this research. We already collected fresh leaves from Savar area of Bangladesh. The plant was identified by a veteran botanist. Now, we carefully drying the collected leaves with much cautions. This are now conducted at our Pharmacy lab, World University of Bangladesh. After drying, extraction process will be conducted and then our main laboratory investigation will be going on.