Study Abroad and Exchange 

As student at the World University of Bangladesh, you can study at a large number of our partner universities around the world as well as our Study Abroad programme enables overseas students to study undergraduate and post graduate programme at WUB for either full time student or exchange programme.

Why go abroad?

The opportunity to genuinely immerse yourself in another culture and be more than just a visitor in a particular country is a rare one. Studying abroad provides you with not only unforgettable experiences and memories, but also personal contacts that you can benefit from for years to come.

For some students the opportunity to study their subject in a different academic environment is key, and for others the opportunity to live in another culture and interact with students of different nationalities is the real attraction.

Incoming Students

The International Office is the first point of contact for international students coming to study at the World University of Bangladesh. We can give you general information about studying abroad and we are also your primary contact if you are an international student coming to study in WUB.

Study one or two semesters with us

Are you coming to WUB from one of our partner universities or on your own as part of your studies? We will be glad to assist you!

We look forward to welcoming you as an exchange student to the World University of Bangladesh. On these websites you can find all the information you need on the application process and studying at the WUB.

Exchange students join us via our partner university’s exchange programme or even universities from the all over the world. You can stay one or two semesters without completing a degree. This is also possible if you are enrolled at a university that has no official cooperation agreement with us. In this case, you are classified as a “free mover or direct applicant”.

We will be happy to help, if you have questions or need more information. Please contact us at

Study Abroad programmes will give you the opportunity to broaden your academic and social horizons whilst enhancing your future career prospects. We have the worldwide exchange opportunities in many countries in the America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. See the list of partner university at International Partners

Many students gain a new perspective on their life goals through the experience of a new culture, the opportunity to travel and the new friends they make. These opportunities explain why so many students describe their study abroad year as life-changing!

Apply now at the World University of Bangladesh

We are happy that you have decided to study at the World University of Bangladesh. Your next step is to complete the application. To study as an exchange student at the WUB, you must first apply through the international office of your home university.

Once you have been nominated, you will to entering your information and submit additional documents to us by uploading them into the system. Please complete the online registration and upload all requested documents.

Once we have completed your application and uploaded all requested documents, we will begin processing it and the letters of admission will usually be mailed to you.

Participants in exchange programmes

If you are an international student and are interested in becoming an exchange student through an exchange programme, then please apply through your home university. As soon as you have been nominated by your university for the exchange, please submit your online application. Click Here

Exchange and partner fee

Exchange students join us from universities that have a formal agreement with our University. In some cases, if there are no exchange places available, students that come from partner universities may choose to pay a fee to join us. Students that join us from partner universities, exchange and fee, will be nominated by their home university before they submit their application.


If you submit your application as a direct applicant or free mover, you will be expected to pay full fees as applicable directly to the World University of Bangladesh. A full chart can be viewed on our 'Tuition fees/ other costs' webpage. You will not be eligible for the partner university discount.

Payment of the WUB fee

Once you have registered for WUB, our intensive language course with orientation programme, you will receive registration confirmation and payment information together with the letter of admission. We ask that you confirm your mandatory reservation by transferring the reservation fee.

How do I apply?

  • Contact the International Office at your home university. They will be able to confirm if you are eligible to apply.
  • If you are a free mover or direct applicant, please email us at to know which programme you are eligible for?
  • Decide which programme you will apply for (exchange or fee-paying). Please see Programmes for more information on which to choose by Click here
  • Complete the Online Application Form:
    You must first complete the online application form. This form will ask you to provide your personal information, previous qualifications and home university details.

    You must also upload the following documents:

    1. Scan copy passport-sized photo;
    2. Brief CV;
    3. Nomination Letter from the respective department;
    4. Current certificate of enrolment;
    5. Current transcript of records (officially certified copy; and if your transcript/certificate is not in English, a certified English translation should be provided.);
    6. Copy of your passport (pages with personal and passport details- showing date and place of Issue);
    7. Student Health Information/Medical Certificate;
    8. If English is not your first language, please provide evidence of your proficiency in English with an overall IELTS score of 5.5 - 7.0 (depending on course) or TOEFL iBT 60-100;
  • In order to enroll, you generally have to appear personally at the university shortly before the start of the semester.
  • Print out the completed application.
  • Further information about enrolment will be included in the letter of admission.
  • In addition, you will need to get a valid visa to stay in Bangladesh.

Free movers/Direct Applicant

Your time as a visiting student at the World University of Bangladesh can be completed as a free mover, if you

  • are an international student and
  • are not nominated to become a visiting student through an exchange programme at the WUB and
  • are not enrolled at a partner university of the WUB

You can usually complete one or two semesters at the World University of Bangladesh as a free mover.


If you are not currently enrolled at another university, then you cannot become a visiting student at the World University of Bangladesh.

Dates and Calendar

The university offers three academic semesters in a year such as Spring, Summer, and Fall.

  • The admission process for Spring semester begins from 1st week of November and closes with the commencement of classes in the 1st week of January.
  • The admission process for Summer semester generally begins from 2nd week of March and closes with the commencement of classes in the second week of May.
  • The admission process for Fall starts within the 1st week of July and closes with the commencement of classes in the 1st week of September.

Visiting students

This means that there is no formal agreement between the World University of Bangladesh and the student’s home university. The student can register as a free mover at the World University of Bangladesh on a tuition fee basis, for a period of one/two semester or one full academic year. This applicant has to be a registered student of another University.

Visiting students are required to submit the online application form by paying the Non-refundable application fee as applicable. Click here for Information on the application fee.

Please submit the online application for visiting students by Clicking Here

Support Services

Students are better able to realize their academic potential and fully integrate into our University system, when the supportive environment is provided. Students have at their disposal a wide variety of services designed to support them during their stay. Your first point of reference should be the International Office. Your key contact points will be made known to you upon arrival.

The World University of Bangladesh has drawn up guidelines and rules & regulations that should help students if they find themselves in distress. These guidelines are handed out during Orientation but are also available for download here.

Outgoing WUB students

Students of the World University of Bangladesh (WUB) are offered the possibility of participating in the Student Exchange Program by spending one or two semesters at our partner universities. This is possible, if the desired host university has concluded an exchange agreement with the WUB and if the student is nominated by the WUB for the Student Exchange period abroad.

We are delighted that our students considering studying abroad as part of World University of Bangladesh undergraduate programme. Study Abroad programmes are generally used for our partner universities outside of Bangladesh.

What Next?

After deciding between the Study Abroad exchanges, please contact with the International Office to let them know you are interested. They will be able to answer questions on the academic provisions of destinations, and the length of exchange available for each degree programme.

International Office will nominate you to the Study Abroad team. If you are successful, and choose to accept the allocated place, we will then contact you to support you throughout the application process and to attend mandatory pre-departure sessions.

** It is important to note that the undergraduate students must have finished at least one year (a minimum of 60 credits) of their studies at the World University of Bangladesh before the exchange program begins. Students in the first year can apply for exchange studies and go abroad in their second year, provided they have completed 60 credits before beginning their studies at the host institution.

Summer Programmes

Summer Programmes offer the opportunity for students to participate in short language or cultural experience outside of Bangladesh.