International Affairs 

The Office of International Affairs at the World University of Bangladesh (WUB) was established with an intention to expand the scope for bringing in the component of internationalization for this world class university. The Office adheres to main objectives of the following;

Student Exchange

Since WUB have programs in business, engineering, science, and humanities, we look into exchange of students in different disciplines to come for a study for a semester in Dhaka as well as our students to go for a study in your university. In terms of your students coming in, we will arrange for all accommodation and lodging. Our students will also pursue for such transfer once in their whole academic year. In order to facilitate this, we can discuss with respective departments so that we understand that the transfers actually harness to the best interest of the students.

Credit Transfer Arrangement

This is a very appealing program in the context of Bangladesh, where our students on completion of the first 2-3 years of study in the undergraduate program at WUB intend to complete the remaining of the studies abroad. As a first step to this approach, we can reconcile our modules/courses for specific programmes and ensure that such transitions are possible. An additional move can also be our students can pursue a Masters at your university.

Faculty Exchange

The faculty exchange programs provide participants with the opportunity to teach or conduct research for one semester or an academic year at foreign institution. While, the faculty members would receive advantage from exposure to a culturally varied and diverse faculty make-up, with an opportunity to exchange ideas and observe a variety of styles. The benefit of faculty exchange program will be immediate, and students will have the opportunity to learn concepts and ideas presented in an entirely new and different manner. The faculty exchange programs present a unique opportunity for interaction between WUB and overseas institutions.

Projects for Research and Development

In terms of academic research, we can look into models where our academics can enter into collaborative research in their respective fields. Your researchers can publish jointly with our researchers and contribute to enhancement of the research standing of both universities.

Dual Degree Program

This program aims that two institutions can frame programs which can lead to joint certifications. For this process to initiate, WUB prefer to discussions with other institutions program administrators. As a result, we will have dual flow of students in both institutions.