Formulation, preparation and characterization of orally fast disintegrating tablets of antiepileptic drug.

Project ID: WUB/2022/P1/020

Project Duration: 2022 - 2023

Project Leader: Samira Karim (Department of Pharmacy)

Project Members: Zubair Khalid Labu, Farhina Rahman Laboni

Physiological changes associated with especially, elderly and pediatrics are quite unable to swallow (Dysphagia); rather, this is a common problem of all age groups patients. So, to advance the quality of life and treatment compliance of such patients, a better dosage form must be established that will be suitable for administration. The concept of formulating patient-friendly dosage form and effective therapy by establishing fast disintegrating tablets containing antiepileptic drug by using superdisintegrating agents offers an apt and practical approach in serving desired purpose of faster disintegration, taste masking and dissolution characteristics with increased bioavailability of drug through simple, safe & cost-effective manner. Fast Disintegrating Drug Delivery System has the unique property of rapidly disintegrating and/or dissolving and releasing the drug as soon as they come in contact with saliva, thus obviating the requirement of water during administration. Epileptic seizures result from the sudden repetitive occurrence of sensory disturbance, causing loss of consciousness, or convulsions, associated with abnormal electrical activity in the brain. About 90% of epilepsy patients are found in developing countries. Based on extensive literature search, finally we select a drug named phenytoin for further continuation of this research. Now the doses of drug, total amount of the tablets & different super-disintegrating agents with multiple ratios will be varied & also determined in this study that could be a potential dosage form for quick relieve of epileptic patients.