Effects of private car in traffic jam of Dhaka city

Project ID: WUB/2022/P1/023

Project Duration: 2022 - 2023

Project Leader: Md. Tanvir Ahmed (Department of Civil Engineering)

Project Members: Rokhshana Parvin , Md. Asaduzzaman Rasel

The number of registered vehicles are increasing in Dhaka city day by day. With the information from BRTA, everyday 434 number of vehicles are registered in Dhaka city. Among of which 272 are motorcycles and 41 are cars. In 2021 total 4.45 lakh vehicles were registered in the country, along with 1.51 lakh in Dhaka. In 2020 this number were 3.78 lakh and 1.18 lakh respectively. 

According to urban specialists and transport experts, around 6-8% of commuters use private cars to get their destination across the Dhaka city every day, while the rest use public transports such as buses and minibuses. A significant number of people also use rickshaws and motorbikes and some commute by walking. 

The research was conducted in four different routes. The study routes were Mohakhali flyover to Shahbag intersection, Gabtoli to Dhanmondi 32, Mohammadpur to Zigatola and Banani to Nabisco Satrasta. These roads are the most important road to communicate in Dhaka city. From each route four different points has selected for data collection. The video recording method has been used in data collection. Traffic counting has been done manually from the recording. The study shows that about 51.7% of the total road width is covered by private cars while bus covers 32.6 % and the 15.7% of the road width is covered by other vehicles. The average ratio of the car and bus is 4.76:1.Among the study route the maximum car bus ratio found in Mohammadpur to Zigatola route.