Design and Development of a Prosthetic Hand

Project ID: WUB/2022/P1/033

Project Duration: 2022 - 2023

Project Leader: Farhan Mahbub (Department of Mechatronics Engineering)

Project Members:

An―ideal‖ upper limb prosthesis should be perceived as part of the natural body by the amputee and should replicate sensory-motor capabilities of the amputated limb. However, such an ideal ―cybernetic‖ prosthesis is still far from reality: current prosthetic hands are simple grippers with one or two degrees of freedom (DOF), which barely restore the capability of the thumb- index pinch. This paper describes the development of a prosthetic hand based on a ―bio-mechatronic‖ design. The proposed hand is designed to augment the dexterity of traditional prosthetic hands while maintaining approximately the same dimension and weight. Our approach is aimed at providing enhanced grasping capabilities and ―natural‖ sensory-motor coordination to the amputee, by integrating miniature mechanisms, actuators, and embedded control. A bio-mechatronic hand prototype with Five fingers and a total of six independent DOFs has been designed and fabricated. The paper is focused on the actuators system, which is based on miniature electromagnetic motors