Project ID: WUB/2022/P1/007

Project Duration: 2022 - 2023

Project Leader: Zenat, Islam (Department of Architecture)

Project Members: Muhammad Tanzil Hasan, Zihan Faria Mohua

Climate change within the urban contexts is a crisis that cities are confronting globally. This issue poses numerous negative consequences such as thermal discomfort and increased energy usage within the building sector. The climate of Dhaka city has been changing drastically. The demography of Dhaka city has changed a lot in the last two decades. Architectural design can play a vital role in reducing energy consumption and can ensure a comfortable living environment. From the literature review it is found that, Nowadays, building, energy and environment are the fundamental issues for the building industry worldwide because there are possible environmental impacts on ambient air conditions and fresh water supply(Fong & Lee, 2017).  Therefore, selection of appropriate passive concept for building design with respect to the local climatic condition is one of the important factors (Panchabikesan, Vellaisamy, & Ramalingam, 2017). Energy simulation at the conceptual stage of a building plays an important role to design energy efficient building because energy efficiency is a key factor for a high-quality building. The main objectives of this research are to focus on the possibilities of reducing energy consumption through architectural design as well as to investigate the impact of architectural growth on climate change of Dhaka city and provide some design solutions. The particular study is exploratory research using both qualitative and quantitative data. This research is based on case studies and through simulation as well as analyzing the secondary data to explore the problems specified and seek answers to the research questions. From the study it will be found that the impact of architecture on climate change in case of temperature. For a sustainable city and building construction, how design solutions and selection of building materials can reduce the energy consumption, the research will provide some dimension on that specific factor.