Efficacy of Online EAP Courses taught at the Tertiary Level of Bangladesh: A Case Study

Project ID: WUB/2022/P1/022

Project Duration: 2022 - 2023

Project Leader: Mahmuda Alam (Department of English)

Project Members: Humayra Akhter

Educators, teachers and other people who are involved or related to the learning of language throughout the world know quite well how important it is now online education system for English language learners. Learning is not an independent activity. In the last two years, research has established the influence of a  number  of  variables  on learning  English language in online classes. Age, gender, intelligence, motivation and learning styles  are some of  the factors which can determine the amount of online learning to take place.  Learning styles are shaped by the learner’s personal and social-psychological conditions. According to Islam (2011), teachers in Bangladesh need to discover their students’ preferred ways of learning English, by which they can make their teaching effective and appealing to the students to the optimum level.In Bangladesh the online classroom teaching-learning practices, which are now followed to teach English as a foreign language, are not based on proper investigation of learners’ learning style preferences. As a result, expected results are not found from online classroom teaching. Therefore, it is necessary to investigate the learning style preferences for online classes of the EFL learners of Bangladesh and take appropriate measures accordingly.Along with knowledge of learners’ learning style preferences, it is also important to know the teachers’ perceptions or preferences about these preferences of learners. Teachers have their own experiences and preferences about good teaching and are the key players to make the learners’ learning practices successful. Therefore, if the teachers do not endorse the learners’ preferences, effective learning will not take place. For effective learning there should be a compromise between teachers’ perceptions or their teaching style preferences and learners’ preferences. Now, it is expected that while the demand of online English language learning is increasing, this study will contribute to maximize better learning outcome.