At a glance 


  • American System of Education.
  • Quality Education, training and research facilities for the emancipation of the self and the society.
  • Full Free Education for those having exceptional talents and 30- 100% scholarship for meritorious but poor students disadvantaged segments of the community to make higher education attainable by optimum number of students.
  • Special stipend/scholarship for members of the same family, females, sons/daughters of freedom fighters, sports persons, artists and students from rural areas.
  • Interest free Study loan for the deserving.
  • Free Remedial courses for Computer Science & Mathematics.
  • Student-friendly fee payment system.
  • Day & Evening Classes but evening classes especially for service holders.
  • Hostel facilities for female students from outer districts of Bangladesh.
  • Credit transfer facilities to universities in UK, Ireland, USA, Canada and Australia.
  • Well equipped class rooms and state-of-art Labs.
  • Student membership with IEEE, ASCE, AME, ICE and ACM.
  • Compulsory learning of communicative English.


Although the formal approval to start operation of the World University of Bangladesh was received initially on February 07, 2003 and subsequently on February 26, 2003, the groundwork for the university began in early part of 2000. At the start, it had 2 faculties, 3 departments, 16 teachers, 144 students and a handful of employees. Based on our experience, we started with a vision of providing utilitarian education at the tertiary level, and over the last nine and half years, we have emerged as the leading university for utilitarian education. It is a university founded mostly by the teachers having vast experience of teaching and teaching administration at home and abroad and as such this knows what is education and how it should be designed and provided or the betterment of the self, society and country.

Probably that is one of the reasons why we have adequate infrastructural facilities including state of art laboratories in its 9th year of operation. The university has more than 5000 students besides hose 783 who received certificates on 28 October, 2008 in its first Convocation and more than 2300 students who will be receiving certificates on December 23, 2012.

It may be again noted that all the programs are utilitarian in nature and some of them are unique and unheard of in this part of the world such as B.Sc. in Mechantronics Engineering (MTE) and Master of Business Education (MBE). The university is the first and only one to introduce such programs not only in Bangladesh but also in the whole of the sub-continent.

We also offer evening MBA programs run by Highly qualified and experienced teachers -a handful of them come from the public universities and practicing world. The university has a total of about 210 teachers -many of them have higher education up to the level of Ph.D. The number of employees stands at 100 respectively giving a teacher student ratio of 1:26 and the employee - students ratio of 1:54.75.

The university has adequate number of classrooms fitted and equipped with modern aids for education; air conditions, white boards etc as well as spacious administrative offices. It has lifts and generators at all of its locations. It has facilities for games and sports, canteen, cafeteria, prayer rooms and separate common room for girls students. These facilities will be magnified with the establishment of new and spacious campus soon. The university has very spacious libraries. The number of books in the library is thirteen thousand; the number of Journals is about one hundred, besides an arrangement to access 250,000 books, journals, magazine, newspaper etc. on online basis.

The university is very prompt in taking classes and tutorials, conducting examinations, evaluating the scripts and notifying the grades and results. It is engaged in an intense effort to eradicate any unfair means in examinations. There are records of expulsion for unfair means in the examination.

These are the reasons why our students receive quality education & none of them remains unemployed after passing.


The World University of Bangladesh has a very rich and self sufficient computer & information technology lab, sufficient Civil Engineering laboratories and laboratories for Electrical Engineering and Mechatronics Engineering and Pharmacy. The laboratory for Architecture and Textile Engineering are also commendable. The syllabi and curriculum are subject to modification with approval from UGC to keep them inline with the modern trend.

With all these, we have as stated earlier, more than 5000 students; most of the students come from outskirt areas. The service-holders-cum students come from Civil service, Army, Navy, Air force, N.G.O. Multinational, and Natural utilities, City Corporation etc. Our financial administration is geared to ensure accountability and transparency. The accounts are scientifically kept and audited each year by the auditors approved by the Honorable Chancellor The management pattern is collegiate and value-based. The largest chunk of the budgeted money is earmarked for teaching followed by research.

The university does miss only limited number of classes in a semester due to unforeseen events. Then the makeup class is a general practice in the university. The students are also found to be punctual, hard working and sincere; and therefore, the percentages of passes in post- graduate and undergraduate programs are also impressive. The following are some other means of ensuring quality education:

  • All of the programs of this university are conceived and developed meticulously before submission for approval of the UGC. They go firstly to the Departmental Course & Curriculum Committee. This is reviewed by an expert committee consisting of the departmental teachers, as well as teachers from public universities, representatives from business and industrial arena and professional organizations. The decisions from this committee are submitted to the Academic Council. After the decisions of the Academic Council and approval of the Syndicate & Board of Trustees, these programs are sent to the UGC for final approval.
  • The WUB has highly educated, experienced & efficient teachers for imparting education. The teachers disseminate the course plan and the system of evaluation at the Onset of a semester. They take more classes than the specified credit hours. The university follows American system of education and evaluation. Therefore, the class room evaluation, first and second mid-term examinations, project paper submission constitute 60% of the total marks, whereas final examination carries 40% of the total. Students are not normally allowed to sit for any examination without 75% class attendance.
  • The university admits students based on grades of previous examinations, admission test & Viva Voce. Besides, traditional tutorials, special tutorial cum counseling are arranged for admitted students. Top and bottom 5 students of every semester of each batch are selected for intensive care. WUB follows UGC approved grading system.
  • The university admits a total of 35 students in each batch. Besides the white board, overhead projector & multimedia facilities are provided for lecture and presentation
  • There is a system of monitoring of teaching, examination and dissemination off results. The Head of Department along with one or more co-coordinators in each department closely monitor academic and extra-academic activities. They are assisted by a representative of the Vice-Chancellor.
  • WUB is very much alert in maintaining proper environment in the examination and has zero tolerance for unfair means. Seat plans are followed in al types of examinations. Most of the examinations are taken with two sets of questions and two students of the same batch are not allowed to sit on the same bench. The invigilator and student ratio is normally 1:15.
  • If any student fails to attend the schedule examination or submit the specified assignment in time, he is given warning, fined and thereafter, any retake examination is evaluated on a degraded scale and with fines.
  • The university authority tries to find out the reasons for absence of students in the class and inform the same to the guardians. Therefore, number of absentees are minimum and rate of drop-out is very low. Besides the scheduled vacations, the university hardly experiences any unscheduled vacations.
  • Students are encouraged to avail of the facilities of seminar, symposium, excursion etc the through the Center of Excellence. In addition to the Centers Research it conducts Training activities.
  • After finishing all the courses, four months internship for students is mandatory and on this basis, a project paper is written, which is evaluated by internal and external guides. The presentation of project paper is compulsory which is made in the presence of the Vice- Chancellor, other high officials and departmental teachers. The marks are averaged and expressed in grades.
  • Teachers are appointed by a selection committee appointed by the syndicate. A system of 360 degree evaluation is in practice for the teachers and administrative staff. Teachers are promoted and rewarded on the bases of performance, punctuality and involvement in the extra-curricular activities.
  • There is an executive committee which holds meeting every week. The progress of all the activities are evaluated in the meeting and operational plans and programs for the coming week are undertaken. The top management monitors the execution.
  • The senior teachers of all the departments are given courses for new entrants. This is very much helpful for maintaining discipline and standard of education. Moreover, to prevent absenteeism or late arrival and early departure, beginning and ending classes are distributed among the senior teachers.
  • There is orientation system for newly appointed teachers and newly admitted students. Besides the university has many clubs and societies which offer extra-curriculum activities. To develop leadership faculties, the students are encouraged to participate in indoor and outdoor sports, cultural programs, debates, celebrations of National Days, Annual Picnic and excursion etc.
  • Examination questions are finalized by respective department after moderation by the Examination Committee, where controller and Vice-Chancellor's representative remain present.
  • Heads of the departments are bound to hold monthly meeting with their respective departmental teachers for evaluation and future assignment as well as suggesting modification in the course.
  • The university has exchange Programs with local and foreign partners. Some of them are the Siegan University of Germany for Mechatronics Engineering, Northumbria University, St Patrick International College in U.K. for other programs and Center for Development Studies of Dhaka University as well as with Shenyang University of Chemical Technology, China.
  • To keep abreast with latest development in engineering education at international and national levels, Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Civil Engineering curriculum have been updated and obtained approval from UGC along with Textile Engineering and Pharmacy.
  • Although, the university has the lowest fee structure, it offers full scholarship to more than 36% students. Moreover, students with better result and weak pecuniary conditions as well as sons & daughters of freedom fighters are given up to 100% scholarship along with the members of same family, sports person and cultural activists. On evaluation of their semester final results, the scholarships or stipends are rescheduled. Further stipend and scholarship as well as class monitor ship is entrusted with the students who stand first, second or third in their respective semester final examination. They are also considered for reduced fees.

As detailed earlier, in this university, there are state of art laboratories for computer science, Civil, Mechatorincs, Electronics, Electrical, Digital, Physics, Chemistry, Transportation Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering. All these have contributed to produce qualified graduates who have quickly obtained attractive jobs or obtained opportunity for higher education at home and abroad or quick promotions in the present jobs and promotion even to the rank of Secretaries, Managing Director, Executive Director or CEO in national or international organizations.