Awards and Achievements 

Journey for the achievements

Although the formal approval to start operation of the World University of Bangladesh was received initially on February 07, 2003 and subsequently on February 26, 2003, the groundwork for the university began in early part of 2000. At the start, it had 2 faculties, 3 departments, 16 teachers, 144 students and a handful of employees. Based on our experience, we started with a vision of providing utilitarian education at the tertiary level.

  • Way to leading
  • Successful 9 years
  • Utilitarian in nature
  • High Value MBA
  • Adequate resources
  • Rich Library
  • Solid knowledge place
  • Reasons to choose

Way to leading

Over the last nine and half years, we have emerged as the leading university for utilitarian education. It is a university founded mostly by the teachers having vast experience of teaching and teaching administration at home and abroad and as such this knows what is education and how it should be designed and provided or the betterment of the self, society and country.

Successful 9 years

Probably that is one of the reasons why we have adequate infrastructural facilities including state of art laboratories in its 9th year of operation. The university has more than 5000 students besides hose 783 who received certificates on 28 October, 2008 in its first Convocation and more than 2300 students who will be receiving certificates on December 23, 2012.

Utilitarian in nature

It may be again noted that all the programs are utilitarian in nature and some of them are unique and unheard of in this part of the world such as B.Sc. in Mechantronics Engineering (MTE) and Master of Business Education (MBE). The university is the first and only one to introduce such programs not only in Bangladesh but also in the whole of the sub-continent.

High Value MBA

We also offer evening MBA programs run by Highly qualified and experienced teachers -a handful of them come from the public universities and practicing world. The university has a total of about 210 teachers -many of them have higher education up to the level of Ph.D. The number of employees stands at 100 respectively giving a teacher student ratio of 1:26 and the employee - students ratio of 1:54.75

Adequate resources

The university has adequate number of classrooms fitted and equipped with modern aids for education; air conditions, white boards etc as well as spacious administrative offices. It has lifts and generators at all of its locations. It has facilities for games and sports, canteen, cafeteria, prayer rooms and separate common room for girls students. These facilities will be magnified with the establishment of new and spacious campus soon.

Rich Library

The university has very spacious libraries. The number of books in the library is thirteen thousand; the number of Journals is about one hundred, besides an arrangement to access 250,000 books, journals, magazine, newspaper etc. on online basis.

Solid knowledge place

The university is very prompt in taking classes and tutorials, conducting examinations, evaluating the scripts and notifying the grades and results. It is engaged in an intense effort to eradicate any unfair means in examinations. There are records of expulsion for unfair means in the examination.

Reasons to choose

These are the reasons why our students receive quality education & none of them remains unemployed after passing.