WUB Sports Championship-2023

The Department of Architecture and the Department of English, World University of Bangladesh, are going to organize a Sports Week titled "WUB Intra University Sports Championship-2023." Students from all departments are expected to participate in this event. The event will take place from 23rd January to 27thJanuary, 2023 at the WUB campus. The Department of Architecture & the Department of English cordially invite everyone to participate and enjoy the sports week.

Both Male and Female students can participate in the following categories:

Events Lists

  1. Ludu

  1. Chess

  1. Table Tennis

  1. Carrom

  1. SkippingĀ 

  1. Pillow Passing

  1. Badminton

Contact for Registration and further information:

  1. Md. Atik Ullah (Lecturer, Dept. of English_ 01732275157)

  2. Muhammad Tanzil Hasan (Lecturer, Dept. of Architecture_ 01719328948)

  3. Md. ZulhasSarker(Lecturer, Dept. of English _01515211207)

  4. Md. Shamsul Arefin (Lecturer, Dept. of Architecture_ 01719328948)

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World University of Bangladesh