WUB Photography and Media Club

About Club

WUB Photography Club was inaugurated in Januray 01, 2015. This Club was formed to cater to the desires of students who have discovered an interest in the photography and learn about the fascinating world of media. The Club has active and lively members with a vast amount of expertise in all aspects of photography and media. Existing members of the Club are photographers and involved with mass communication of various experiences. They use digital, film and slide, with cameras ranging from professional DSLR to small compact. Many members are skilled users of Adobe software and can teach anyone how to tweak photos and boost creative skills to produce some of the best photography around. The Club has professional lighting and backdrops for potential portrait / fashion photographers. Some current members are experts in landscape, fashion, modeling and portrait photography, wildlife, still life and contemporary photography. The club members are assigned for capture all important events of the university and authorized to the media coverage by the concern of respective authority.

Club Activities

The WUB Photography and Media Club (WUBPMC) invites you to participate in the 3rd Film Festival on March 15 and 16, 2016. Mr. Morshedul Islam - Eminent Film Director and Producer, has agreed to be

WUB Photography & Media Club of World University of Bangladesh organized photography week from 20th July 2017 to 28th July 2017

WUB Photography & Media Club of World University of Bangladesh organized ‘Amar Bangla Photography Contest  – 2016 Award Ceremony’ on July 26, 2016 at the


 Club’s main vision is to come with new ideas more frequently in the interest of photography & media activities that will help to enhance the number of new members. Another important vision is to increase participation in the photographic & media events in the local arena as well as globally.


The WUB Photography & Media Club’s missions are:

  • To provide students with opportunities to develop their leadership skills and to foster a spirit of cooperation and unity among students, faculty, and others.
  • To promote beneficial relationships among club members and to assist them in the conduct of their photographic activities
  • To provide instruction in the use of camera equipment and in photographic techniques
  • To disseminate new scientific and technical information in the field of photography & media .
  • To exchange new idea, technique and facilitation with each other about quality, insight and depth of photographs & media.
  • To prepare and provide some professionals from its own members with the time of their academic period.
  • To identify, encourage, and support talents in wub students & create media content that will change lives.


  1. Promote a general interest in photography among fellow students
  2. Teaching basic photography techniques.



The club will hold regular meetings and discussions and organize events such as; photo-walks, field trips, museum and gallery visits, and lectures and workshops by visiting artists. Members will also explore the possible opportunities for photography projects in collaboration with other campus departments, organize peer to peer portfolio reviews and explore the possibilities of exhibitions on and off campus.


Classes on photography basics, Photography editing, carrier counseling, Photography outdoor, Vediography, Film Show, Film festival, Photography Contect etc