Esrat Jahan honored at the ARCASIA Thesis of the Year 2023

ESRAT JAHAN, Lecturer,  Department of Architecture of World University of Bangladesh, has been honored with the Bronze Award at the ARCASIA Thesis of the Year 2023 (TOY ARCASIA 2023). This recognition is in acknowledgment of her undergraduate thesis titled "TRANSFIGURING SOCIAL ARCHITECTURE THROUGH COMPUTATIONAL CARPENTRY," which she successfully completed during her final year (Level 5, Term 2) of studies in BUET. The award presentation took place at the 20th Asian Congress of Architects, held on Boracay Island, Philippines.

TOY ARCASIA 2023 serves as an international platform designed for undergraduate students and architecture schools hailing from ARCASIA member nations. Its primary objective is to provide a stage for the exhibition of talent and innovative ideas. This initiative is driven by the aspiration to enhance the overall quality of architectural education throughout Asia. The central focus of TOY ARCASIA revolves around the thesis works of graduating students from each member nation. This focal point encourages the exchange and dissemination of educational practices within the realm of architecture, transcending borders and promoting collaborative growth in the field.