06 February 2024 - The Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management at the World University of Bangladesh (WUB) achieved a milestone today with the inauguration of its state-of-the-art Tourism and Hospitality Management Lab. This groundbreaking initiative reaffirms WUB's dedication to providing top-tier education and practical training opportunities for its students.

The ceremony, attended by esteemed guests including Honorable Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr. Abdul Mannan Choudhury,Honorable Treasurer Morsheda Choudhury, Registrar, Controllers, Examiners marked the beginning of a new era for students pursuing careers in the dynamic hospitality industry.

In his address, Professor Dr. Choudhury emphasized the crucial role of practical learning in equipping students with the skills necessary to excel in the competitive hospitality landscape. Mrs. Choudhury encouraged students to embrace their roles as global citizens and agents of positive change.Prof Zaki Imam, Registrar expressed his gratitude to the honorable VC, Treasure for their esteemed support to establish the lab.

The event saw the participation of faculty members, administrative staff, alumni, and current students, underscoring WUB's commitment to academic excellence and industry relevance. Professor Mohammed Nasimul Azim, Director of the Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management, and Md. Abdul Latif Mahmud, Faculty and Coordinator, expressed their enthusiasm for the transformative impact of the THM Lab on students' educational journeys.

The inauguration ceremony, organized by the Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management in collaboration with the WUB THM Club, signifies a significant advancement in WUB's mission to empower students with the knowledge, skills, and experiences needed to thrive in the global hospitality landscape.