World University of Bangladesh Concludes "Pitha Utshab-2024" with Spirited Closing Ceremony 

World University of Bangladesh Concludes "Pitha Utshab-2024" with Spirited Closing Ceremony

February 16, 2024 - The World University of Bangladesh bid farewell to its vibrant and culturally enriching event, "Pitha Utshab-2024," with a spirited closing ceremony on February 16th, 2024. The ceremony, held to celebrate the successful culmination of two days of festivities, was marked by heartfelt speeches and recognition of outstanding contributions.

Pro Vice-Chancellor Prof. Nurul Islam, presiding over the ceremony, expressed his admiration for the spontaneous participation of every student, highlighting their enthusiasm as a driving force behind the event's success. He emphasized that every achievement of the university is a testament to the dedication and talent of its students, reinforcing the institution's commitment to their growth and development.

The closing ceremony welcomed esteemed Chief Guest BTRC Commissioner Dr. MusfiqM Choudhury, who commended the lively atmosphere of the "Pitha Utshab-2024." Despite his illness, Mr. Choudhury was inspired by the outstanding energy and joy emanating from the event, prompting him to join in the festivities. He praised the students' engagement with social media, noting their enjoyment of traditional delicacies and activities. Mr. Choudhury also highlighted the importance of recreational opportunities within the university, expressing his hope that students would leave with a sense of accomplishment upon graduation.

The highlight of the closing ceremony was the announcement of the winners of the "Pitha Utshab-2024" competition. The Department of Mechatronics clinched the first prize, showcasing their creativity and dedication. The Architecture department secured the second position, followed closely by the joint third-place winners, the English and Civil Engineering departments. The awards underscored the diverse talents and collaborative spirit prevalent across the university's academic departments.

As the curtains closed on "Pitha Utshab-2024," the World University of Bangladesh celebrated not only its cultural heritage but also the unity and camaraderie of its students and faculty. The event served as a testament to the institution's vibrant community and its commitment to nurturing talent and fostering a sense of belonging among its members.