Seminar on “Emerging Nanomaterials for Sustainable Energy Efficiency Applications”

Nano engineered functional textiles are going to revolutionize the clothing that you'll wear. The potential of nanotechnology in the development of new materials in the textile industry is considerable. On the one hand, existing functionality can be improved using nanotechnology and on the other, it could make possible the manufacture of textiles with entirely new properties or the combination of different functions in one textile material. First generation of nano-enhanced textiles benefited from nano finishing: Coating the surface of textiles and clothing with nano particles is an approach to the production of highly active surfaces to have UV-blocking, antimicrobial, anti static, flame retardant, water and oil repellent, wrinkle resistant, and self-cleaning properties According to this ground Department of Textile Engineering, World University of Bangladesh is going to arrange a seminar on “Emerging Nanomaterials for Sustainable Energy Efficiency Applications” on 04 February (Tuesday) 2020 at Permanent campus auditorium at 11:00 am. Dr. Arifutzzaman Rahat, Research Fellow, Research Center for Nano Materials and Energy Technology (RCNMET), School of Science and Technology, Sunway University (SU), Malaysia is the keynote speaker. Honorable Vice-Chancellor, Professor Dr. Abdul Mannan Choudhury has given his kind consent to remain present as the chief guest in the seminar.