Rules and Regulations 

Admission Rules


  • A candidate having requisite qualifications mandated by the University Grants Commission (UGC) must following the rules:
    1. Apply for admission in prescribed form obtainable from the Admission Offices on payment of prescribed fees.
    2. Submit relevant academic certificates and evidences of course completion. All such certificates must be dully attested by a teacher of the university or the registrar or by notary public upon verification.
    3. Submit original mark sheets and certificates prior to commencement of classes at WUB.
    4. Submit the five passport size and three stamp size photographs.
    5. Submit transcripts of previous academic records, course outlines, mode of assessment and grades/marks obtained together with original transcripts/ mark sheets and certificates in the case of credit transfer of other universities.
    6. Obtain consent of parents/ guardian for admission to WUB, if the candidate is dependent on parents/guardian for funding the program.
    7. Sign undertakings to pay dues regularly and obey the rules and regulations of WUB during the whole period of study and thereafter if needed.
    8. Submit his/her language skills certificates in the case of deficiency.
  • Students will be admitted on the basis of previous academic results and or admission tests (as per the UGC prescribed admission requirements).
  • Students enrolled with WUB shall not take any registration with any other academic institution(s) without written permission from WUB.
  • Students shall remain responsible for their books, equipment’s and personal belongings, and the University shall not provide them nor indemnify any one for the loss or damages of the books, equipment’s and personal belongings they will bring in.
  • On admission, students shall be issued ID cards for a period of one year. The registration shall be cancelled and ID card shall be withdrawn if any students fails to obey the rules and regulations of the University.
  • Students shall not be entitled to any refund of fees after admission.


  • Students must pay the admission fee, transfer fee (if applicable), and the session fee at the time of admission and thereafter on the first day of each semester.
  • Students paying monthly installments must clear their fees within the first ten (10) days of each month, otherwise a fine of TK. 50 will be imposed for each successive day of default.
  • Students shall not be allowed to use any facilities of WUB if they do not clear up the dues as stated above.


  • must have minimum qualification, but preference shall be given to students having better performance.
  • must produce evidence to convince the authority that his/her financial condition is a deterrent to higher education.
  • must pay the admission fees, semester fees and any other charges.
  • must repay the amount of loan borrowed in one installment in case of discontinuance of study.
  • must submit all original certificate and documents before obtaining the loan.
  • must repay the loan so advanced within one year period after finishing the study without interest. However, interest shall be imposed if the student fails to repay the loan within one year.
  • must sign an agreement which will be countersigned by two sureties undertaking to repay the loan in due course of time on specific amount of judicial stamp.
  • No tuition waiver shall be given to loan recipients. A committee consisting of competent members of the university shall administer the loan scheme.


  • Students must register for prescribed minimum & maximum number of credits in the prescribed form in each semester and must pass all of them with prescribed grades before proceeding to the next semester and must maintain at least stated grades at the time of admission for enjoying any scholarship or fee waiver allowed to them in the previous semester/s.
  • Students are required to come to the class in time and maintain prescribed level of attendance for taking examination.
  • Students will be declared ‘Attendance Default Students’ (ADS) if they fail to attend required attendance.