Teaching and Learning Policy

The WUB is promised to support students to foster their working and personal skills for twenty first century. The teaching staffs of this university are very generous persons who help students in order to learn the content of study module easily. The university practices integrated learning approaches for the students which are focused on to become a successful industry leader both in family life and workplace.

  • Work placement: The industry placement secures students to work in a government, business or non government organization.
  • Problem based education: Students work in a group to explore the possible solutions of a problem. So students engage in research work by combination of practice and theory to which apply the skill to develop a solution.
  • Industry, social or development projects: Individual students or learning teams initiate a project based on a given problem by industry, or development institution.
  • Project based learning: Learning is organized around the projects that require students to engage in the design, implementation, decision making and problem solving ability.