Founders Scholarship

The Founder’s Scholarship is the first of its kind offered to Bangladeshi students. It is offered to for students in the undergraduate level of studiesof the Fall Semester 2019 of the World University of Bangladesh. Under this scholarship, students will be offered a free tuition fee. In addition, a stipend of Tk. 5000 will be provided to each student each month for his or her maintenance. For details, please click here.

The scholarship is based on previous academic performance, that is performance based on results of the HSC and A’ Levels. The HSC candidates must have a Golden CGPA of 5.00 in HSC as well as in SSC. Students who wish to avail this scholarship must seek admission within 31st August 2019.

Criteria for Maintenance of the Funding:
Since the funding is to encourage students to pursue high grades in academic performance. The students are expected to over perform than the previous grades that is maintain a CGPA of 3.75. If the student fails in achieving this score in each semester, then this scholarship will be forfeited and the students have to pay full tuition fee. In exceptional cases of illness only, the Administration of the University can still consider grades lower than the margin as indicated earlier, but will be at utmost discretion of the Administration of the University.

Programs eligible for such Scholarship:
All undergraduate programs are eligible for such scholarships except Bachelor of Education, joint degree programs with other universities and Post-graduate programs.

How to Apply?
You should apply for a scholarship once you have applied for admission and successfully been offered a place on the program you wish to study. This can be done while you are being enrolled in the admission process at the Admission Office in any of the campuses of the University.

The Founder’s Scholarship Summary

Program Duration Total Semester Total Credit Total Cost Scholarship Amount Offered Under this Scheme Amount payable by Students over 4 years
BBA 4 years 12 127 5,56,700 4,09,20 1,47,500
LLB 4 years 12 133 4,26,900 2,79,400 1,47,500
ENGLISH 4 years 12 127 3,41,100 1,93,600 1,47,500
BTHM 4 years 12 127 4,28,300 2,72,800 1,55,500
CIVIL 4 years 12 160 5,60,250 3,88,750 1,71,500
CSE 4 years 12 148 5,05,200 3,33,700 1,71,500
EEE 4 years 12 160 5,60,250 3,88,750 1,71,500
MTE 4 years 12 161 5,12,500 3,41,000 1,71,500
ARCH 5 years 15 178 6,88,750 4,81,250 2,07,500
PHARMACY 4 years 8 164 6,04,100 4,18,600 1,85,500
TEXTILE 4 years 12 169 3,42,650 1,71,150 1,71,500

A stipend of Tk. 5000/= each month will be paid to the student for maintenance.
Last date of offer period is August 31, 2019